Nickel Allergy Wedding Ring

Nickel Allergy Wedding Ring. Wedding ring rash, also known as wedding ring dermatitis, is a rash on the skin in reaction to wearing a wedding ring. Check your jewelry at home with a nickel test kit.

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Custom palladium wedding band (left) and custom platinum wedding band (right) by abby sparks jewelry. If you’ve ever had a rash near your belly button where metal from your jeans button sits on your skin or where your belt buckle peeks over the top of your pants, a nickel allergy is the most likely cause. You can develop nickel allergies at any time in your life.

Our Collection Of Nickel Free Wedding Rings Allows Those Who Suffer From A Nickel Allergy To Wear Their Wedding Ring All Day, Everyday.

If the rash does not get better after five to seven days of avoiding the ring or using cortisone creams, professional medical. Remove the ring while washing your hands or bathing. Thousands of women and a growing number of men develop wedding ring dermatitis, an itchy red rash that is often the result of a reaction to nickel.

Nickel Allergy (Allergic Contact Dermatitis) Is A Common Reaction To Nickel Particles Being In Direct Contact With The Skin.

The result is that there is a wide selection of styles now available, for both men and women. These hypoallergenic rings are specific to a nickel allergy, not including less common allergy inducing alloys. Titanium jewelry resists corrosion even with exposure to sweat and chlorinated pool water.

But No One Should Have To Go Without A Wedding Ring.

Many men's rings incorporate this metal for its desirable properties. A person who is allergic to certain meds or foods may also be sensitive to certain metals. But most wedding rings are made of gold, and it's becoming more and more common to find people who are allergic not just to base metals such as nickel, but also to gold, sterling silver, and other metals commonly used in wedding.

In Cases Of Severe Nickel Allergy, Changing To A Platinum Or Titanium Ring Band May Help Alleviate The Symptoms.

If you're allergic to your wedding ring, you're not alone. Bruce boone the owner of boone titanium rings agreed to answer some questions about his awesome nickel free rings. When a piece of jewelry made from nickel is worn from time to time, it may not trigger a reaction, but with a wedding ring worn daily, it can certainly trigger an allergic reaction and wedding ring dermatitis.

Titanium Is A Highly Durable Metal That Is Also Hypoallergenic.

The moisture trapped under the ring makes your skin irritated and result in a rash. Some gold jewelry uses titanium alloys instead of nickel or other metals. If it isn’t an allergic reaction, then it can be an irritation caused by soap left under the ring.

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